Guardian Roofing Blog

Guardian (formerly Jorve) is a family-run company based in Seattle that has seved over 17,000 satisfied customers throughout the Northwest. Our commitment to enduring quality craftsmanship extends through our work in roofing, windows, gutters, masonry, carpentry, and siding.

Mr. Erlandsen Testimonial

“Jorve started a couple days ago and have still been coming out even with the rain. They got all the materials up on the roof today and even had the time to help my wife carry her groceries into the house from the car. They’re really nice people.” — Mr. Erlandsen, North Seattle

Snowman Leftovers

These snowmen were holding on to what little cold lingered in the Leschi air down by Lake Washington. The snow hit us hard on Tuesday night, but didn’t put up much of a fight to stick around. Nonetheless, it provided some excitement, definitely gave the newsroom something to talk about, and managed to cover most […]

Above the Norm

This is Norm Hoglund … he’s hilarious, really nice, and seems to become friends with just about everyone he meets. He also happens to be Jorve’s top representative, which is possibly due to his likeable demeanor, but also his commitment to excellent service and personable relationships; with Norm you know you’ve met a guy who […]

Daycare Kids Surprise Visit

Mary and the kids from Kids R Us daycare stopped by the Jorve office today to say thank you for the party. We looked through the photos that were taken and had some good laughs over all the huge smiles and the frosting-covered winter wonder…land that was the conference room that day. We’re very impressed […]

Gingerbread House Decorating Was Awesome

There was a lot of anticipation for the events of Friday the 17th. All week long we had been preparing for the daycare next door, Kids R Us, to come over and help us decorate some gingerbread houses. Rather than baking off pounds and pounds of cardboard-like gingerbread to construct houses, we used actual cardboard […]

Mikell Everett: Jorve Family Football MVP

One of Don Everett’s sons is a superstar football player. Apparently, it runs in the family because Don is not only a superstar here at Jorve, but grew up playing pretty much every sport under the sun. The other day he picked up a soccer ball laying on the ground and started juggling it in […]

The Don

You’re looking at a photo of Don. He’s the type of guy that gets along with everyone— even cracking jokes with his spanish-speaking crew members while trying to learn the language. Don has been with the company the longest of any employee here and it shows through his abilities and knowledge around the jobsite. When Don started 25 years ago there […]

Wood = Good

Pound for pound, wood products use less energy to manufacture than other materials. It takes 5 times more energy to produce cement products, 25 times more to produce steel, and 30 times more energy to produce a pound of plastic. More at:

How it’s made: Shingles

if you’re curious about the shingle-making process, click the link and check out the steps posted on the clarke group website…

Wood Shakes are Brown in Color, but also “Green”

It may seem counter-intuitive, but sources are confirming that wood shakes are actually a “greener” choice than alternative materials such as an asphalt composite. More hard facts on that to come. Here’s a picture of some replaced wooden shingles—so long as you take care of them, there’s no need to fill the landfills with inorganic […]