Sarah N.

Roof Repair, in Seattle on March 21st, 2016

“The crew was hardworking and courteous We had 4 layers of roof to take off, including the original cedar shake, so it was no easy task The end product looks great; especially the enhanced ridge line The bid process was very detailed -- far more than any other proposals we entertained The only downside was that the salesperson said it would be really easy to do a preview of what the shingles would look like up on our roof But the timing doesn't really allow that, and I when I asked our main "case worker" about this, he seemed a little annoyed -- they had already ordered the shingles and they were going to be delivered mid-way through the tear off process We got lucky in that the shingles ended up looking great, but I would suggest a little more coordination on what the initial salesperson offers and what can ultimately be delivered”