Commercial Roofing Services

With Guardian commercial roofing services, you can expect the same high-quality materials and workmanship that you experienced with Jorve Roofing.

Guardian is Western Washington’s premier new construction commercial roofing provider. From complex industrial facilities to multi-story healthcare buildings to simple office parks, Guardian delivers roofing solutions tailored to every environment. Our teams execute each project throughout all phases with excellence, reliability, and professionalism.

Re-Roofing and Replacement Roofs

Guardian professional roofers specialize in replacing and re-roofing commercial roofs. If your commercial roof has worn out or sustained damaged, call Guardian for replacement of portions or of its entirety.

A knowledgeable Guardian consultant is available to examine your roof and provide an expert recommendation as to the extent of work required to re-roof it or replace it. If severe weather, neglect, or other factors have resulted in extensive damage to the roof, there may also be damage to the decking underneath. If this is the case, the decking must be replaced as well. Building new decking involves additional materials, plans, permits, labor, and time—all of which impacts overall cost.

Guardian professionals carefully assess re-roofing projects to determine if decking has been compromised and requires replacing first. The cost of a roof replacement depends on several factors:

  1. Condition of decking and if it must be replaced
  2. Choice of roofing materials (some are more costly than others)
  3. How much of the roof must be replaced
  4. If roofers will require lifts or scaffolding or other means of special access

Repair and Maintenance Programs

Most roofs sustain damage or at least develop leaks sometime over the course of their lives. As the chief structural feature protecting commercial buildings, roofs are highly vulnerable. Falling trees, falling branches, and wayward golf balls and baseballs all exert forces on roofs that can cause damage. A person walking incorrectly on a slate or tile roof can break or crack the tiles. Strong winds can rip off whole sections. Asphalt tile roofs subjected to hailstorms can be ruined as the pebbly aggregate gets scraped off.

Leaks often develop in roofs, and sometimes it is hard to identify their source. If a roof has been installed improperly, it can result in a leaky area. Vulnerable places, such as where a roof butts up to a vent pipe or skylight, can develop leaks when the seal deteriorates.

When a roof leaks, or when a roof gets damaged, there is an impact on the users of the building. In many industries, water entering through a ceiling will ruin equipment and systems in the rooms below.

Our Western Washington roofing repair experts understand the necessity of speedily addressing leaks and damage. Guardian’s repair and maintenance programs include both pre-emptive and emergency services. Through our maintenance program, a Guardian professional inspects your roof annually or semi-annually, paying special attention to vulnerable areas. If damage has occurred or a leak is developing, it can be fixed early, before it develops into an expensive, major repair.

Ask us about Guardian repair and maintenance programs for commercial clients.

Emergency Services

When your commercial building roof suddenly gets damaged or develops a significant leak, you must address the situation quickly. You need a roofing company with emergency services. Guardian Roofing (formerly Jorve Roofing) offers these important services, sending teams of experts to your location to do immediate damage control.

Our emergency service teams do their best to get you back in business as quickly as possible. In some cases, when specialized materials are needed, Guardian teams will carry out temporary repairs to secure the roof and building and return later to complete the work.

No Dollar Limit Warranties

Our commercial clients can choose from among several warranties on our roofing products. We have a variety of no-dollar-limit warranties available for some products. Speak with one of our warranty experts to learn about the options and see which one best meets your needs.

Single Ply TPO and PVC

TPO, or thermoplastic polyolefin, contains reflective properties that make it a popular energy-efficient commercial roofing choice in Western Washington. It is also popular in areas with strong year-round sun because it is highly durable.

Torch Down Roofing (Modified Bitumen)

This roofing material gets its name from the way it is applied—with a torch or similar source of high heat. Torch down is officially called “modified bitumen.” A common choice of material that clads flat or slight-pitch commercial roofs, torch down comprises a layer of membrane in a layer of asphalt. It is long-lasting.

Metal Roofing

Metal is becoming an increasingly popular roofing material among Western Washington commercial building owners. Metal roofs enjoy many benefits. They are long-lasting (30-50 years), paintable, come in many colors, and are easy to keep maintained. When they are properly constructed and installed, they stand up well to most weather conditions.

Metal roofs are sustainable—most contain 30-60% recycled material—and are fully recyclable. They can cover existing roofs, eliminating the need to remove and dispose of retired roofing materials. Metal roofs with reflective solar coatings absorb less heat than non-coated roofs, resulting in less energy used to cool the building underneath.

Asphalt Shingles

A common, budget-friendly roofing choice for commercial buildings, asphalt shingles are made of layers of pebbly aggregate with a limestone filler. Asphalt shingle roofs last between 15 and 30 years, depending on the grade installed. These roofs must be replaced when age or extreme weather conditions have worn off the aggregate from the base.

Roof Coatings

Roof coatings are products applied to roofing materials to extend the life of the material. Coatings may resist mold, infrared rays, sunshine, and humidity. Consult a Guardian roofing professional for the coating that will extend the life of your Western Washington commercial roof.

Wood Shakes

Wood shingles or wood shakes are sometimes chosen by commercial building owners to clad their roofs. The difference between shingles and shakes lies in the way they are cut and in their thickness.

Shingles are smooth-sawn and tapered at one end. They can be different lengths and thicknesses.

Shakes are thicker than shingles. They may be smooth but are more often rugged, hand-split, and re-sawn or taper-sawn.

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