Bothell and Mill Creek Roofing

Guardian Roofing proudly serves the Bothell area while actively supporting the local community.

Most materials popular with homes in the Bothell area this year are the traditional wood shake, composition but also tile and metal roofing. These are top roofing choices with the contemporary designs for many Bothell homes. Guardian has re-roofed many homes over the years in Northshore and are familiar with the trends and styles in different neigbhorhoods. Ask your Guardian certified installer about the different styles of materials currently popular in your neighborhood.

Guardian is a highly referred roofing company for Mill Creek and Bothell homeowners with our attention to detail and use of high quality materials. We are happy to share some photos of similar homes here and how the finished product fits on your particular style of home.

You can take a look at several local Bothell and Mill Creek projects that Guardian Roofing has completed in recent years. Our effort has been to provide you with an overview of the kinds of roofing, work we do, right here in Bothell!