Jorve is now part of Guardian Roofing

Thank you for 30-Years of Patronage to Jorve Roofing.

After it was time for me and my family to move out of state, there was only one company that we could trust with the Jorve name and that’s Guardian Roofing. Instead of just closing the doors, I wanted to ensure that our customers would have the best go-to company that held the same core values including providing quality work and a proven track record of taking care of their customers like Jorve did, and that company is Guardian Roofing. I personally know and trust Matt & Lori Swanson, the founders of Guardian Roofing.

Guardian Roofing purchased Jorve and is also taking care of all of our employees, keeping them working as they transition to the Guardian Roofing team. Thanks to Guardian Roofing, our employees and our customers can rest assured that they will all be taken care of into the future.

If you have any questions, please contact Guardian Roofing directly at 206-866-6331, or visit their website here ยป