Stewart Lumber & Hardware: New Roof Meets Old-Fashioned Shop

When our neighbor down the street, Stewart Lumber and Hardware, called us for a roof we were happy to come down and swing a hammer. We admire Stewart not only for their excellence in the industry, but also for their hometown values and 93 year history of service to the community. They’re a perfect example of your local hardware store combined with an immense amount of knowledge and personal care for their customer’s projects… a trait we hold dear at Jorve as well.

Stewart Lumber began in 1918 and was handed over to Bill’s grandfather in 1926. He added the hardware store and, two generations later, the same store is being run in nearly the same fashion. We love their “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality and some of their old-fashioned systems of operation even more. For example, they still use a mechanical cash register rather than one of the newer computerized models. “Ding!” They also showed us an antique crimper they use in the back for duct work and the like. Swing by yourself and say “hello” sometime. Check them out for yourself and check out the new roof on the warehouse, too!