Tim is True Blue

This is Tim Bowman, one of the exemplary members of the Jorve team. Tim has been our Project Manager for over 18 years; he knows everything about the jobs we perform and is the first person our crews or customers call with any questions. Extremely knowledgeable, organized, and helpful, Tim is one of a kind; for three years now, he been a volunteer for Washington German Shepherd Rescue and has fostered dogs at his home to give them a loving place to stay. On Sundays he helps the Humane Society to keep things clean and orderly at the kennels.  Tim believes in a bond that goes even beyond “man’s best friend” and he treats these dogs with an impressive degree of love and respect. Sometimes, when it’s sunny, Tim has a dog with him here at Jorve and will take several breaks throughout the day to walk and play with them so they aren’t left at home for too long. Tim’s amazing connection with these animals is a beautiful thing and we’re truly happy that he lends himself to their needs. Thank you Tim for your commitment and help here at Jorve, the animals you care for, and the content customers you consistently create!