Jorve’s Favorite Soccer Team = Sounders!

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Jorve celebrated the opening game between our Seattle Sounders and the L.A. Galaxy for the 2011 MLS season opn Wednesday. It was rainy, but what else was to be expected here in the Emerald City. One of the tweets received throughout the day said something to the effect of “forecast for the game is rain, hope Beckham brought enough hair gel to hold!” — haha! We got a kick outta that one (no pun intended). A little rain wasn’t enough to stop some 36,433 fans from standing on their toes and screaming from the depths of their chests: “GO SOUNDERS!”

It was quite the fight,  but only the Galaxy were able to put one in the net, and when they did, the crowd roared with anger. Depsite the scoreboard, the match was awesome and it seemed that at any moment Seattle would slip one by the keeper. We look to be in good-form and Emeral City Supporters (ECS) have much to be excited for.  

Our fans are strong and they are loud; the conviction and vigor displayed throughout the game should be ample to support our favorite team, the home team, the Seattle Sounders. This season will be a true test of spirit and strength as the Portland Timbers have entered the MLS Division for the 2011 season. Tradition has shown that Sounders and Timbers may be neighbors, but on the pitch they are nothing less than foes. Fans from both sides are teaming with excitement for what could be the biggest rivalry in the MLS.